February 22, 2018
Cagle: Deport Criminal Illegal Aliens
February 20, 2018
Cagle: Cut taxes now, cut taxes later, too
Cagle - Teaching
February 12, 2018
Cagle’s College and Career Academy Network provides students options
February 12, 2018
Cagle Leads on Plan to Increase High-Speed Rural Internet Access
Cagle- American Flag
January 31, 2018
Cagle: Trump’s priorities in State of the Union align with mine
FIREWALL 18R48 Cagle February Education Post_1_v2
January 31, 2018
Cagle Spearheads Revolt on Endless Testing
Hunting - Sportsmen 2
January 23, 2018
Georgia Youth Outdoors Program – A New Initiative To Encourage Participation in Hunting and Fishing
January 22, 2018
Cagle: 103 Sheriffs Endorse Cagle as “go-to-guy” for law enforcement
Sad boy sitting on a floor in a room
January 19, 2018
Don’t Force Kids Into Government Custody
Cagle - Health
January 17, 2018
Cagle: Any Medicaid waiver should include work requirement
blog image
December 11, 2017
Cagle announces Farmers for Cagle coalition
December 7, 2017
Cagle continues to lead on Education
Close up of a father checking his financials while his daughter has breakfast
December 1, 2017
Tax Reform: The Stakes Have Never Been Greater
cagle county leadership
October 30, 2017
Cagle announces grassroots advisory team and leadership committees in all 159 counties
cagle blog
October 19, 2017
Sportsmen for Cagle: The Bone Collector, Michael Lee, and noted GA outdoorsmen lead Cagle’s coalition
October 13, 2017
Fact checking Politifact
1st place
October 12, 2017
Poll shows Cagle with commanding lead in Governor race
Healthy - The One
October 3, 2017
Healthy Kids Georgia: Shaping success by exercising healthy decision-making
September 29, 2017
Cagle Prioritizes 2018 Legislation: Deportation of Convicted Illegal Immigrants
cagle nurses
September 22, 2017
Cagle Announces Nurses for Cagle Coalition