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EPA Regulations: Georgia Needs Solutions, Not Mandates

From Casey Cagle

Few things illustrate the difference between Washington’s mandate focused world and the common sense solutions oriented approach we try to use in Georgia than the recently issued energy standards from the federal EPA.   For years, the federal government has been unable to find consensus on the difficult issue of climate change and emissions. At the same time, we have worked hard in Georgia to invest in workable alternative energy sources, retrofit older buildings, reduce auto emissions, increase access to… Read more




The Power of Prayer

From Casey Cagle

My heart has been heavy the last few days, as we learn about horrifying events impacting nations around the world. It has gotten so bad that many people can’t watch the news, because there is nothing positive being promoted by the main stream news outlets.   However, whether you watch the news or not, you have probably been made aware of the situation that occurred yesterday. A commercial Malaysian plane was shot down over Ukraine by a missile over a… Read more

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