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Education Unleashed

From Casey Cagle

I’ve been lucky in life, but there’s no doubt it my mind I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Georgia public school education.   But with today’s changing economy, we have to make sure that we, as a state, are doing all we can to keep up. That’s why I wrote Education Unleashed, a roadmap for the future of public education in Georgia, moving us from the status quo to a system that empowers our schools, teachers, students,… Read more




Georgia’s Economy is Booming

From Casey Cagle

The August jobs numbers are in and they’re worth celebrating.   In the past year, Georgia has added 104,000 new jobs and is growing at a 2.4 percent rate – well above the national average of 1.7 percent.   Our statewide unemployment rate is now 4.9% with a record 4.7 million employed Georgians – 13,000 of whom have been hired in the last month – leading to the lowest unemployment in nearly a decade.   These numbers are a reflection of the pro-business initiatives… Read more

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