April 29, 2016

Remove Unethical Judges


Georgians Deserve a Stronger Voice in Our Judicial System

This fall, you have an opportunity to bring stronger accountability to Georgia’s judicial system.

House Resolution 1133 – which recently received a two-thirds majority in both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly – puts an amendment to the state Constitution on the ballot this November giving Georgians a stronger voice in removing unethical judges from the bench.

For our judicial system to function properly, it’s imperative we have a process in place to hold judges accountable. That’s why Georgia has a Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC), tasked with investigating claims of ethical misconduct in our state’s judges.

Unfortunately, under current law, the largest voice in determining whether a judge has abused their office is the State Bar Association, which currently receives three appointments to the JQC. While the State Bar does a great job representing Georgia’s lawyers, our judicial system should be held accountable to every Georgia citizen, not just our lawyers.

Frankly, the professional association representing lawyers who practice in front of judges should not have the most influence over accountability of those same judges.

That’s why I fully support House Resolution 1133, which remakes the Judicial Qualifications Commission – including removing the State Bar’s current three appointments – and brings greater accountability to the process, giving Georgians a stronger voice.

If you’re concerned about accountability in Georgia’s judicial system, you will have a chance to vote to make a change this fall – and I strongly encourage you to vote for this important amendment.