August 25, 2016

Putting Georgia Back to Work


As your Lieutenant Governor, my top priority is ensuring we create an economic climate that makes it easier for our businesses – both large and small – to grow and create new jobs for Georgians.

To that end, we’ve worked hard to keep taxes low and cut out bureaucratic red tape that hinders job creation.

And our approach is working.

In July, unemployment in Georgia dropped another tenth of a percentage point and is now 0.7 percent lower than this time last year.

That’s because Georgia businesses are creating new jobs at one of the fastest rates in the country – 116,200 in the past year, to be exact.

That 2.7% growth rate is well above the national rate. 

While Washington Democrats continue to push for higher taxes and more government regulation, we’ve shown what really works here in Georgia: When government gets out of the way, job creation flourishes.

It’s not rocket science.