June 21, 2017

Mountainous group of Northwest Georgia elected officials back Cagle for governor


Mountainous group of Northwest Georgia elected officials back Cagle for governor

A group of 64 elected officials from Northwest Georgia have endorsed Casey Cagle in his bid for governor in 2018.

“I am proud to support Casey Cagle for governor because I trust Casey’s proven record as a conservative Republican,” said Senate Rules Committee Chairman Jeff Mullis of Chickamauga. “As a state senator, I focus on policies to improve schools, promote economic development and bring new high-wage jobs to my district. Casey shares those priorities, and he is the candidate that I trust to make Northwest Georgia’s priorities his own.”

In addition to Senate Rules Committee Chairman Mullis, Cagle was also endorsed by Senator Chuck Hufstetler of Rome and Former Senator Don Thomas of Dalton. Cagle also secured the support of Representatives John Deffenbaugh of Lookout Mountain, Dewayne Hill of Ringgold, and former Representative Boyd Pettit of Cartersville.

In addition to legislative leaders, Cagle has earned the support of sheriffs throughout the region: Gary Sisk (Catoosa), Ray Cross (Dade), Steve Wilson (Walker), Tim Burkhalter (Floyd), and Mitch Ralston (Gordon).

“I’ve worked with Casey for more than a decade to serve and protect the citizens of Floyd County,” Sheriff Burkhalter said. “He has always treated law enforcement with respect and advocated for our needs in the Senate, and I am proud to support his bid for governor.”

Northwest Georgia county commissioners who endorsed Cagle include Robert Goff (Dade), Scottie Pittman (Dade), Allan Bradford (Dade), Jason Winters (Sole Commissioner of Chattooga), Steven Henry (Catoosa), Jeff Long (Catoosa), Jim Cutler (Catoosa), Ray Johnson (Catoosa), Bobby Winters (Catoosa), Shannon Whitfield (Sole Commissioner of Walker), Scotty Hancock (Floyd), Larry Maxey (Floyd), and Wright Bagby (Floyd).

“As the Sole Commissioner of Chattooga County, I work every day to hold government accountable, keep our taxes low and neighborhoods safe,” Commissioner Winters said. “Casey is the candidate I trust to do this, because he is a natural-born conservative leader.”

Cagle was also endorsed by Northwest Georgia mayors Ray Crowder (Chickamauga), Earl Gray (Fort Oglethorpe), Andy Arnold (Lafayette), Teddy Harris (Rossville), Alex Case (Trenton) and Larry Stansell (Trion). City Councilmen who endorsed Cagle include Craig Crawford (Fort Oglethorpe), Derek Rogers (Fort Oglethorpe), Paula Stinnett (Fort Oglethorpe), Jim Childs (Fort Oglethorpe), Rhonda James (Fort Oglethorpe), Terry Crawford (Ringgold), Randall Franks (Ringgold), Larry Black (Ringgold), Jake Haynes (Ringgold), Lee Miller (Chickamauga), Damon Garrett (Chickamauga), Evitte Parrish (Chickamauga), Randal Dalton (Chickamauga), Don Martin (Chickamauga), Ben Bradford (Lafayette), Chris Davis (Lafayette), Beacher Germany (Lafayette), Judy Meeks (Lafayette), Wayne Swanson (Lafayette), Rick Buff (Rossville), Michael Hicks (Rossville), Sandra Gray (Trenton), Jerry Henegar (Trenton), Monda Wooten (Trenton), Mickey McGraw (Trion), Casey Brown (Trion), Becky McWhorter (Trion), Don Harris (Trion), and Craig McDaniel (Rome).

Elected officials that hold other capacities also rallied behind Cagle with coroners Johnny Gray (Dade), Vanita Hullender (Catoosa), DeWayne Wilson (Walker), and solicitors Sanford “Buddy” Hill (Chattooga) and Doug Woodruff (Catoosa) offering their support.

“Each of these elected officials have served Northwest Georgia and our state faithfully, and I am honored to have the support and trust of such an esteemed group of community leaders,” Cagle said. “I look forward to continuing to work with each one of them to promote the health, safety and welfare of the communities they represent, and I want to personally thank them for their diligent efforts to build a better Georgia.”

Cagle has pledged to cut taxes by $100 million in his first 100 days, deliver a comprehensive 10-year infrastructure plan, and create 500,000 new jobs in the first four years of his administration. He has also made workforce development a top priority, and will continue to lead on developing a world-class education system in Georgia.

Add your name to the list today and declare your endorsement of Casey Cagle for Governor.

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