May 12, 2016

Less Testing, More Learning


It’s no secret that the key to a strong Georgia economy is a well-educated and skilled workforce. For that to occur, we need an effective education system that encourages and allows our teachers to make educating their students their number one priority.

Unfortunately, in recent years, mandates from the federal government have forced Georgia to put more and more emphasis on standardized testing. This has resulted in teachers spending a growing amount of time preparing students for these new tests – and less time on actual classroom instruction.

This year, in order to address these concerns, the Georgia State Senate passed Senate Bill 364, adding flexibility to our state testing requirements and freeing up Georgia’s teachers to focus more of their time and energy on actual teaching.

While testing remains an important tool in evaluating student performance, we must be mindful that we are not over testing and restricting the ability of our gifted teachers to educate.

And that’s exactly what this legislation accomplishes.