June 11, 2018

Kemp’s big record of incompetence


Brian Kemp has a big truck. Brian Kemp’s record is also big on incompetence and untrustworthiness.

In Casey Cagle’s new ad, Kemp is asked why his office released confidential voter information, including the social security numbers of six million Georgians, and then tried to cover it up. A concerned senior citizen then implores Kemp to get his “big truck” out of there.

Kemp - Attacke

“Brian Kemp can’t run on his record as a decades-long politician with a record of data breaches and incompetence, so he talks about his big truck,” said Scott Binkley, campaign manager for Cagle for Georgia. “In the real world, you don’t ask for a promotion after you’ve repeatedly failed at your current job. Voters know that. And, just like Brian Kemp’s big truck … his campaign is running out of gas, quick.”

Kemp’s fraudulent record – including swindling farmers out of millions, personally defaulting on loans worth hundreds of thousands, and having his company’s business license suspended – mirrors the problems he’s faced in his career as a politician. Kemp’s signature initiative as Secretary of State was releasing confidential voter information, including social security numbers, and trying to deflect and cover up the mess he was responsible for.

“Casey Cagle has a record of conservative accomplishments – and a bold, conservative vision for the future of our state,” Binkley said. “The choice for Georgia Republicans is clear.”

Watch the ad HERE.