July 18, 2018

Kemp’s bad day at the office


In Georgia, the Secretary of State has two main responsibilities: administering the state’s elections and overseeing the licensure of the regulated professions that haven’t yet escaped his purview. Yesterday, two devastating news stories illustrated his incompetence in administering these duties.


Yesterday, the AJC reported that due to Brian Kemp’s incompetence, at least two felons — — in Cherokee and Paulding counties — were allowed to vote in the May 22 primary election. Kemp’s office is charged with processing data so that local offices can clear their roles of felons, and he failed to do his job.

Like he always does, Kemp blamed someone else, this time laughably pointing the finger at Gov. Nathan Deal. But even the Cherokee County elections office notes the lack of communication and poor performance from Kemp’s office.

“Despite contacting the Secretary of State’s Office with concerns, the Cherokee elections office said it didn’t hear back until June 7, when it was sent a backlog report with 837 names on it. [Kemp’s spokesperson] maintains that the Secretary of State’s Office has kept all counties up to date with relevant information throughout the past year.”


Along with his inability to administer justice for the 26 victims of sexual assault in Georgia massage clinics, Brian Kemp has failed to do his job to protect Georgians from known con artists. Brian Kemp oversees the Georgia Board of Private Detectives & Security Agencies, yet Fernando Rodriguez – who had been charged by OTHER STATE BOARDS – was allowed to run scams that harmed Georgians.

To make matters worse, the fraudulent activity was brought to the board’s attention and repeatedly ignored.

Brian Kemp has proven time and again that he is too incompetent and untrustworthy to do the small jobs given to him. You don’t earn a promotion by doing a bad job in a lesser role.

Democrats are so excited about the potential of running against Brian Kemp’s record that they’re already fundraising off of it!