July 6, 2018

Kemp Promised Health Care giveaway far bigger than ObamaCare


As a candidate for state Senate, Brian Kemp advocated for “Universal Access” to government health care, calling for Georgia to duplicate Wisconsin’s big government BadgerCare program.

When Kemp campaigned for Senate as a liberal Republican, he promised to deliver a vast expansion of government-funded health care, calling for “Universal Access” to Medicaid up to 185 percent of the federal poverty level “regardless of whether they were recently on welfare.”

The program Kemp called for included absolutely no work requirements and would have far exceeded the scope of Obamacare which only covered families below 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

“Throughout Secretary and Senator Kemp’s 16-year career as a political insider, he’s never been a fiscal conservative,” said Scott Binkley, campaign manager for Cagle for Georgia. “In fact, during Secretary Kemp’s multiple terms in the Georgia state Senate, he was widely characterized as the most liberal Republican in the caucus. Before Obama proposed his government takeover of health care, Kemp was proposing Obamacare on steroids, or KempCare. KempCare would’ve enrolled hundreds of thousands of more enrollees than Obamacare’s mandates. Brian Kemp’s government health care plan would have put Georgia taxpayers on the hook for billions in new spending. Now he’s pretending he’s a ‘Trump conservative.’ We need look no further than his old website to see that’s not remotely true.”

“My staunch opposition to expanding government-controlled health care has never wavered,” said Cagle. “As governor, I’ll continue to advocate for work requirements and conservative health care reform. This is an important issue and we need rock solid conservative leaders who know where they stand.”