June 13, 2018

Investor in Kemp’s business exposes his lies


A personal friend and major creditor to Brian Kemp’s business this week stepped forward to expose Brian Kemp’s lies about his responsibility for stiffing farmers on payments owed to them.

Rick Phillips of RLP Investments in Toccoa loaned Brian Kemp $500,000 for his business Hart AgStrong – a loan that Kemp alone personally guaranteed even as he absurdly claims this isn’t his responsibility.

“I would consider us friends,” said Phillips to 11 Alive News. “Brian Kemp is the only person I’ve ever dealt with on the loan. He met me in my office. He made it very plain that he would secure the debt.”

“I loaned [half a million dollars] to Brian Kemp,” said Phillips to WSB-TV. “I loaned it to Hart AgStrong at the request of Brian Kemp, and he personally guaranteed it.”

With Georgia voters learning that he has run his business as incompetently as he has run the secretary of state’s office, Kemp claims he “has not personally defaulted on loans” and he’s lied to the public about his fiduciary role in Hart AgStrong.

Kemp’s story doesn’t add up. He has a proven record of leaving farmers high and dry. And, he has a proven record of leaving investors and small businesses high and dry. As usual, Kemp refuses to take ownership and is attempting to blame others for his personal failures.

Phillips continued, “If you can’t manage a small business, if you can’t manage the elected position you’re in, what gives me cause to think you could manage a [26 billion] dollar budget? I don’t think so.”

Phillips is now taking Kemp to court to recoup his money.

“Coincidentally, the next hearing of this lawsuit is July 25 — the day after the election,” said Cagle for Georgia campaign manager Scott Binkley. “I don’t think Georgia Republicans will vote for someone who would spend their first day as the nominee in court for defrauding a North Georgia small businessman. There’s only one candidate in this race who can win in November.”