May 27, 2016

Honoring Georgia’s Veterans


Those who fought to protect our country deserve the absolute best. That’s why, in the 2015-2016 Legislative Session, we passed two significant pieces of legislation to help honor and support our veterans.

House Bill 180 cuts back on the time a veteran in Georgia must wait for admission to the War Veterans Home, a facility run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Milledgeville that provides skilled nursing care to older and ailing veterans. In addition, it reduces Georgia residency requirements for veterans from 5 to 2 years, and offers eligibility to veterans who have been residents of Georgia for at least 5 of the last 15 years.

House Bill 443, the Voluntary Veterans’ Preference Employment Policy Act, allows Georgia business owners to create employment policies that provide preferential treatment to veterans, including for hiring, promotion, or retaining purposes. This bill provides veterans with new advantages in an increasingly competitive job market.

Our veterans deserve our thanks for their hard work in defense of our country. These two bills represent our continued efforts to honor and thank them for their service and I’m proud of the work we’re doing on their behalf.