October 3, 2017

Healthy Kids Georgia: Shaping success by exercising healthy decision-making


As a proud new grandfather, I realize now – more than ever – that our future rests in the hands of our children and grandchildren. Whether our children are striving for academic, artistic, athletic, educational, musical, or other personal achievements, their success must remain our highest priority.

In 2010, I created a program – Healthy Kids Georgia – to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity and the serious physical and emotional consequences that often accompany this condition. By encouraging our children to make healthy choices that compound into the adoption of healthy lifestyles we have assisted countless students in their pursuit of success.

Along with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program and several other corporate and community partners, we have been able to make a positive impact in over 1,000 schools across Georgia. Promoting healthy lifestyles in Georgia’s schools enables more students to grow into highly productive members of our society.

Tonight, at the Annual Healthy Georgia Awards dinner, we celebrate the partners that have participated in and enabled this program’s grand expansion.

Statewide programs that have lasting impacts on the lives of Georgians do not happen overnight. Public service requires steadfast dedication and a great deal of patience. As Lt. Governor I have been committed to building the Healthy Kids program since 2010, and I am extremely proud of the effort and the success that we have realized.

However, we cannot become complacent with the health of our students. It is my promise that we will continue growing this initiative so that every Georgia student understands the great importance of health and wellness and has access to resources that facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

I am extremely encouraged by the progress we have made in fighting childhood obesity and in encouraging healthy choices. In tandem with other health-oriented programs, such as Fuel up to Play 60 and the Pollack Family Foundation, our focus on student health has had tangible impacts in the lives of countless Georgians.

As we celebrate Healthy Kids Georgia at the College Football Hall of Fame this evening, I know that our children and grandchildren – just like the athletes inducted into this prestigious fraternity of success – can achieve their wildest dreams and attain great success.