July 16, 2016

Georgia vs. Washington: The Second Amendment


The right of Americans to keep and bear arms is enshrined in both the federal and state Constitutions and is a bedrock of the liberty we enjoy as Americans.

Here in Georgia, we take this right seriously. As Lieutenant Governor, I’ve worked tirelessly to expand the ability of law abiding Georgians to protect themselves and their families. I’ve supported legislation loosening existing Georgia rules on where and how our citizens can lawfully carry firearms.

And I’ve been a vocal supporter of relocating gun manufacturers to Georgia and away from liberal states, creating jobs for our citizens here.

However, liberals in Washington seem to have a very different opinion of the 2nd Amendment. They continue to look for new ways to prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing a firearm, despite the fact that not a single one of their recommendations does anything to stop criminals already intent on breaking the law.

Just recently, Democrats in Congress – along with several anti-gun Republicans – attempted to exploit the recent tragedy in Orlando by passing sweeping gun control bills to deny gun purchases to thousands of Americans without due process.

As your Lieutenant Governor, I pledge to continue to support your right to keep and bear arms and will stand with my fellow Georgians against any unconstitutional actions out of Washington.