June 8, 2018

Forsyth County leaders endorse Cagle for Governor


Casey Cagle, the leading conservative Republican for governor, announced today that a robust group of community leaders and elected officials are endorsing his campaign in Forsyth County. These community leaders are joining a strong grassroots network which helped Cagle earn 41.8 percent of the primary votes in the county.

“We continue to grow our grassroots leadership team in a county that is a top priority for our campaign,” Cagle said. “We won big in Forsyth County, and we’re excited to continue that momentum. Our growing grassroots team will keep sharing our bold, conservative vision for Georgia.”

Cagle’s endorsements include a locally-elected state senator and representative, as well as numerous local elected officials and community-wide leaders.

“As the next county commissioner for district 1 – a top priority is to attract high-tech businesses that bring career and job opportunities to Forsyth County,” said Molly Cooper. “Casey Cagle has represented Forsyth County, he is quite familiar with our business needs and our community as a whole. He is an innovator that will work with our local leaders as we strive to balance productive business growth while maintaining our exceptional quality of life.”

“I’m excited to endorse Casey’s campaign for governor,” said Representative Marc Morris. “He’s always been a friend to Forsyth County and I know he will continue to build on his record of conservative leadership for our community. As a Navy veteran, I know leadership—and I trust Casey to be the CEO of our state.”

Cagle’s campaign continues to gain momentum after a commanding victory in the GOP primary in which Cagle won 123 out of 159 counties. He has been endorsed by over 100 sheriffs, the National Rifle Association, Educators First, the Marietta Daily Journal, and earned the support of the Georgia Realtors.

Cagle has pledged to continue cutting taxes, deliver a comprehensive 10-year infrastructure plan, and create 500,000 new jobs in the first four years of his administration. He has also made workforce development a top priority and will continue to lead on developing a world-class education system in Georgia.

See the full list of endorsements below:

Endorsed Elected Officials:

Pete Amos, Fmr. District 1 County Commissioner
Molly Cooper, District 1 Commissioner-Elect
Steve Gooch, District 51 State Senator
Marc Morris, District 26 State Representative
Jack Murphy, Fmr. District 27 Senator

Grassroots Leaders:

Chandon Adams
Catherine Amos
Carter Barrett
Eric Bennett
Logan Butler
Al Chaul
Steve Dabbs
Ty Davis
Tim Dineen
Ron Dinsmore
Justin Hawkins
Hunter Hill
Ann-Margaret Johnston
Steve Kirby
Paul & Marcie Kreager
Joe Latour
Jason May
YG Nightstorm
Carter Patterson
Christina Shaw
Julie Tressler
Ethan Underwood
Don Webster
Chuck Welch