October 13, 2017

Fact checking Politifact

Like most Americans, I’ve grown to expect many members of the media to apply a liberal bias to the stories they write. As a conservative, it takes a lot to surprise me when I see a “journalist” write an article that should be called an opinion piece. Every single day, we see that double standard applied to President Trump. 

It seems that a national liberal reporter is attempting to reach a new low by casting doubt on the fact that convicted CRIMINAL illegal aliens are a danger to our communities and must be immediately deported. 

Miriam Valverde – a liberal “journalist” who often writes positively about open borders – has published a “fact check” where she alleges that I made a false claim earlier this week when I pointed out that too many Americans have lost their lives to criminal illegal aliens who were not properly deported. 

I was quoting a letter from U.S. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and then-Senator (now Attorney General) Jeff Sessions, who wrote: 

“According to information provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), up to 121 homicides in the U.S. could have been avoided between Fiscal Year 2010 and FY 2014 had this administration removed from our borders aliens with criminal convictions instead of releasing them back into society where they could commit more crimes.”

I read that pretty clearly to say that had we just done what the rule of law and common-sense calls for us to do – and deported those convicted criminals who were in our nation illegally, we could have saved 121 lives. Instead, these dangerous criminal aliens were released, and they took the lives of innocent Americans.

Valverde had that letter, but I doubt she even took the time to read it – much less apply any kind of journalistic integrity to interpreting the facts it cites. In what should have been her opinion piece, she concludes by saying: 

“While the letter started off saying 121 homicides were preventable, the document focuses on 121 being the number of criminal immigrants who were charged with homicide after being released by ICE. Most importantly, while homicides were committed, the letter does not claim they could have been avoided had sanctuary policies not been in place.”

What strikes me most about this incredibly flippant statement is that she uses the phrase “most importantly” to describe a technicality that falsely editorializes my quote – and ignores 121 HOMICIDES.

What else is more important? How about the 121 lives that were stolen by these criminal illegal aliens? What about the families who lost their fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters? What about the fact that criminal aliens who were in America illegally where convicted, released, and then went on to murder 121 people?

There is no dispute that 121 murders were carried out by convicted illegal immigrants. But that doesn’t matter to liberals like Miriam Valverde. No, these horrible crimes wouldn’t fit the narrative that there’s no harm in open-borders policies. Thankfully, Georgians know better – and that’s why we are taking action to keep all our communities safe.