October 17, 2016

Education Unleashed


I’ve been lucky in life, but there’s no doubt it my mind I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Georgia public school education.

But with today’s changing economy, we have to make sure that we, as a state, are doing all we can to keep up. That’s why I wrote Education Unleashed, a roadmap for the future of public education in Georgia, moving us from the status quo to a system that empowers our schools, teachers, students, and communities and leads us to educational excellence – today and for future generations.

In Education Unleashed, I focus on three key points:

1) Abandoning the “One Size Fits All” Educational System

Not every student wants – or needs – to go to a four-year liberal arts college. Instead, we need an educational system that’s tailor made for each student. We’ve already begun this work through programs like College and Career Academies and our recently announced German American Apprenticeship program, but now it’s time to redesign our entire system around this principle.

2) Local Ownership of Education

We need a governance structure that encourages our teachers, principles, and community leaders to work together to meet the needs of individual students. Teachers know the unique needs of each of their students best; I want to see a system that provides them flexibility to help each individual student, instead of tying their hands by forcing them to use one method for every student.

3) Education Drives Our Economy

If we build a world-class workforce in Georgia, we will continue to see existing Georgia businesses grow and new companies relocating to our state, boosting our economy and putting us on the path to prosperity. It’s critical for the future of our state that we get this right.

All proceeds will support the Charter System Foundation. You can order Education Unleashed RIGHT HERE.