Just this year, our conservative leadership delivered a historic $5.7 billion income tax cut for hard-working Georgians. This massive tax reform package represents the first-ever individual income tax cut in state history, and by delivering real results -- like cutting the top income tax rate from 6 percent to 5.5 percent and doubling the standard deduction - we will give Georgia families a pay raise while unleashing our economy.

As governor, I will remain committed to lowering taxes. Through conservative tax policy, my administration will allow families and small businesses -- in every county of Georgia -- to experience true prosperity.

I have been a businessman for 32 years, and I've been at the boardroom table negotiating with CEOs on some of the largest economic development deals in Georgia's history. As governor, I will lead on jobs by creating an economic environment that generates 500,000 new jobs in my first term.

Along with keeping Georgia the No. 1 state to do business, I will ensure that we keep our taxes low, reduce burdensome regulation and maintain a fair tort system. I will fight for infrastructure investments -- like the Port of Savannah -- that allow Georgia Grown goods, from agriculture to manufacturing, to move quickly to the global marketplace. My administration will work with Georgia companies -- small and large -- to ensure they have the tools and workforce they need to grow and expand. And we will capitalize on emerging industries by cementing Georgia as the Silicon Valley of the South, expanding Georgia's prospering film industry, and growing hubs of technological innovation in every region of our state.

As governor, I will lead on infrastructure. Georgia has had plenty of wake-up calls: collapsing bridges, buckling highways, and rural communities without high-speed internet connections for businesses and homes. I will implement a 10-year strategic infrastructure plan that identifies new corridors and infrastructure needs to achieve economic growth for all of Georgia.

Georgians deserve solutions to alleviate congestion, so that we can spend less time commuting and more time with our families. I will direct my administration to utilize our assets in a more efficient way, which means more reversible lane projects in the state of Georgia. We also must be willing to build “over” and to dig “under” if that is what is required.

I will continue leading on our rural broadband initiative so that we get rid of our state's "digital dirt roads" and allow every Georgian to earn, learn, and live in the 21st century. I will also be a governor committed to ensuring that all Georgians have access to quality health care, regardless of ZIP code.

As governor, I will continue to lead on my successful education reforms to develop a world-class education system. My most important mission as governor will be ensuring that Georgia has a workforce that is second to none.

As governor, I will expand my signature initiative -- the College and Career Academy Network -- where students can graduate high school with an associate's degree or industry certification. This allows students to immediately begin a high-paying, high-quality career or begin college with a significant head-start. In Georgia, we will align education with industry needs so that our students have greater opportunities and our businesses have a talented pipeline of workers.

I will continue to focus on primary education, specifically targeting third grade reading. Our children must learn to read so that they learn as they progress through school. To accomplish that, we will implement greater technology at the primary school level to quickly diagnose and help kids with reading.

As governor, I will continue leading the fight to cut wasteful spending by maintaining a conservative, balanced budget, without raising taxes. This will take some government belt-tightening. However, if Georgia families can sit at the kitchen table and balance their checkbooks, then we should expect our state government to do the same.

As our economy continues to improve, there will be those who want to create new programs without careful thought. The better choice is to be wise, prudent, and careful with taxpayer funds, ensuring our state rebuilds its rainy-day fund and continues to reduce the tax burden on our citizens.

As governor, I will continue leading to protect our God-given, constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. I have earned an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association by standing against those who would diminish the 2nd Amendment, and I will continue to do so as governor. I will always protect our hunting heritage and maintain that law-abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families from those who wish to do harm.

As governor, I will lead in protecting the sanctity of life from conception forward. There is no task of government more important than defending innocent life and I am committed to giving the most vulnerable in our society the full protection of the law. We will continue to establish a culture of life in Georgia through pro-life policies that safeguard the unborn, infirm and elderly. I am honored to be recognized as the Georgia Life Alliance's "Champion for Life," and my record of fighting for pro-life issues speaks for itself.

I have led the fight to defund and outlaw sanctuary cities in Georgia. By passing one of the nation's toughest crackdowns on illegal immigration, I led to ensure that criminal illegal aliens could not terrorize our families.

This year, when Decatur announced it would not cooperate with federal immigration authorities to deport criminal illegal aliens who have committed violent crimes, I put my foot down. I will never allow local liberal leaders to disobey our laws, and I will always fight to protect our families from criminal illegal aliens.

Georgia has a long legacy of military excellence. Our brave service men and women defend our freedom, and we must do everything we can to support our nearly one million troops, veterans, and military families who call Georgia home. Georgia’s strong military community contributes more than $20 billion in economic impact annually, and we will continue to ensure the Pentagon looks to Georgia for investment. Just in recent years, I led to oversee the passage of legislation to offer military families enhanced educational opportunities, make it easier for veterans to claim their homestead exemptions, and establish a grant program to help military communities earn more resources from national military services. As governor, I will continue to fight on solutions for our veterans -- including exempting military retirement from taxation. God bless our troops.