June 12, 2018

Cagle: Trump should win Nobel Peace Prize


Casey Cagle, the leading conservative Republican for governor, called for President Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize after today’s historic steps toward a nuclear disarmament agreement with Kim Jong Un and North Korea.

“President Trump’s leadership has brought us to the precipice of peace with a longtime, dangerous foe – after many failed attempts in the past to bring North Korea to the negotiating table,” Cagle said. “I know the liberal media will go to great lengths to put a negative spin on this progress, but if President Obama were still in office, they’d be clamoring to give him another Nobel Peace Prize. President Trump has already delivered more than President Obama did when he was awarded the prize early in his first term. There’s still much work and much negotiating to come, but we have reason to celebrate a commitment to peace – and a reason to believe that our president should win the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Cagle is already partnering with the president to fight illegal immigration, grow a world-class workforce, and advance conservative health care reform in Georgia.

Cagle’s campaign continues to gain momentum after a commanding victory in the GOP primary in which Cagle won 123 out of 159 counties.

Cagle has pledged to continue cutting taxes, deliver a comprehensive 10-year infrastructure plan, and create 500,000 new jobs in the first four years of his administration. He has also made workforce development a top priority and will continue to lead on developing a world-class education system in Georgia.