July 9, 2018

Cagle to Continue Unprecedented Pro-Life Leadership


“5 years ago, Catherine Davis and Michelle Wolven, two passionate leaders in Georgia’s pro-life community, led a group of women to the State Capitol. They wanted to make their voices heard and call for the State to enforce our current pro-life laws and protect women from the unsafe and predatory practices of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

While at the Capitol, they came to my office for a visit. I had the pleasure of speaking with them about all the things the Governor’s office can do to enforce our laws and protect women and children in our state and committed to doing everything in my power to provide leadership on those issues.

I am still committed to being a trusted leader on these issues, and I am proud to carry out my specific plan to continue to make Georgia the most pro-life state in the nation as Governor and keep the commitment I made to those courageous women in private 5 years ago.”

– Casey Cagle