January 31, 2018

Cagle Spearheads Revolt on Endless Testing


Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, the leading conservative Republican for governor, yesterday joined conservative Senators in championing a proposal to reduce high-stakes standardized testing. Rather than forcing teachers to “teach to the test,” the legislation will begin a program where leading school systems give teachers greater autonomy to meet the needs of individual students.

“Georgia’s education system must be laser-focused on delivering real results for every student,” said Cagle. “We will continue working to eliminate the counter-productive mandates of standardized tests and utilize individualized learning plans to truly meet the needs of each individual student.”

Cagle’s motivating factor is ending the practice of measuring student academic performance with one-size-fits-all testing. Today, too many educators are pressured to teach to the test and ignore real student achievement, and Cagle is leading the fight to end this misguided directive.

“No longer can our education system be transfixed on generic averages at the expense of individual student performance. The average of 11 and 9 is 10 – but so is the average of 1 and 19.”

Cagle’s initiative is the first step in a plan to replace Georgia’s one-size-fits-all education system with a complete, objective accountability system. The measure will empower local school systems to take greater responsibility for the academic performance of their students and incorporate greater community involvement in the classroom.

Senate Bill 362 directs teachers, principals, and supporting faculty to accept individual accountability for our students without being forced to rely on and be measured by one high-stakes assessment.