December 11, 2017

Cagle announces Farmers for Cagle coalition

Well over 150 agriculture leaders endorse Cagle’s bid for governor
Casey Cagle, the leading conservative Republican for governor, today announced the launch of his Farmers for Cagle coalition. Cagle has established himself as a committed leader for the agriculture industry, and the formation of this coalition – full of the state’s leading agriculture professionals – affirms the industry’s support of Cagle.
“Agriculture is obviously our state’s strongest industry,” said Cagle. “Farmers and agriculture professionals are the backbone of our state. From the apple and poultry farmers in N. GA to the cattle and pecan farmers in Middle GA and blueberry, onion, and peanut farmers in S. GA – I am incredibly humbled by this outpouring of support.”
“Casey – being a product of the poultry capital of the World – has an inherent appreciation for our farmers and agriculture leaders,” said Senate Agriculture Chairman John Wilkinson. “Casey has always fought for our agriculture industry’s best interest, and I am especially excited about his dedication to our next generation of agriculture leaders.”
“I know that Casey will continue to be the leader that our agriculture professionals can depend on,” said Agriculture Hall of Fame inductee, Buddy Leger. “I know first-hand that Casey will put in the work to deliver for the agriculture industry, and I could not be more confident that Casey’s conservative leadership will continue to benefit the great farmers of Georgia.”
“Casey has always been a great friend for every sector of our state’s renowned agriculture industry,” said Jimmy Champion, owner of Champion Groves, Inc. in Worth Co. “Casey is an unbelievably strong advocate for Georgia’s farmers, foresters, and ranchers. I simply trust Casey to continue his strong leadership for our industry – and state.”
Farmers for Cagle will be headed by leaders of various agriculture operations, and the leadership team is encouraging all agriculture professionals to join the coalition and further support Casey’s vision for – and commitment to – Georgia’s number 1 industry. The goals of organizing Farmers for Cagle are to foster continued support for Cagle within the agriculture community and to advise the campaign on issues most important to Georgia’s agriculture community.

To participate in this coalition – contact [email protected] or sign up here.


Below is the initial leadership team for Farmers for Cagle:
Bill Aaron, Gilmer Co.
Mack Aaron, Gilmer Co.
Lucius Adkins, Baker Co.
Chris Albrecht, Franklin Co.
Dr. J. David Allen, Walton Co.
Jimmy Allen, Cook Co.
Junior Arrant, Union Co. 
Sen. Lee Anderson, Columbia Co.
Donnie Bailey, Hart Co.
Farrow Baker, Crisp Co.
John Baker, Berrien Co.
Jeb Barrow, Jefferson Co.
Andy Bell, Decatur Co.
Derry Bennett, Lowndes Co.
Michael Bennett, Forsyth Co.
George Biles, Lowndes Co.
Sen. Ellis Black, Lowndes Co.
Billy Bramlett, Gilmer Co.
Gary Branch, Tift Co.
Brett Brooks, Gilmer Co.
Freddy Brooks, Gilmer Co.
Sid Brooks, Gilmer Co.
Barry Brown, Union Co. 
Jeff Brown, Hart Co.
Brett Burnette, Gilmer Co.
John Burton, Brooks Co.
Russ Butler, Brooks Co.
Emily Cantrell, Gilmer Co.
Ginger Cantrell, Gilmer Co.
Robby Cantrell, Gilmer Co.
Jimmy Champion, Worth Co.
George Chandler, Clarke Co.
Cindy Chastain, Gilmer Co.
Luke Chastain, Gilmer Co.
Matt Chastain, Gilmer Co.
Churt Childers, Lowndes Co.
Mike Coggins, Lowndes Co.
Bill Collins, Union Co. 
F.C. Collins, Union Co. 
Freddie Collins, Union Co.
Harold Collins, Union Co. 
Larry Collins, Dooly Co.
Troy Collins, Union Co. 
Justin Corbett, Lowndes Co.
Ken Corbett, Lowndes Co.
Joe Cornelius, Lowndes Co.
Tommy Cothron, Lowndes Co.
Beth Covington, Gilmer Co. 
Brent Covington, Gilmer Co. 
Aron Crosby, Sumter Co.
Walt Dasher, Tattnall Co.
Tommy Dollar, Decatur Co.
Chairman Joey Dorsey, Hart Co.
Dustin Duboise, Gilmer Co.
Chris Exum, Lowndes Co.
Gary Farmer, Franklin Co.
Paul Folsom, Lanier Co.
Garrett Ford, Clarke Co.
Jimmy Franks, Sumter Co.
Andy Futch, Gilmer Co.
Jennifer Futch, Gilmer Co.
Roger Futch, Gilmer Co.
David Garrard, Wilkes Co.
Jeff Gay, Jefferson Co.
Jim Gay, Jefferson Co.
Henry Goodyear, Dougherty Co.
Adam Graft, Sumter Co.
Wimp Grant, Gilmer Co.
Winsbur Grant, Gilmer Co.
Ferman Gregory, Stephens Co.
Larry Hadden, Glascock Co.
Charles Hall, Warren Co.
Charlie Hall, Warren Co.
Gregg Hall, Lowndes Co.
Kent Hall, Franklin Co.           
Mark Hart, Franklin Co.
Alex Henson, Clarke Co.
Danny Herring, Lowndes Co.
Mark Holden, Gilmer Co.
James Holloway, Gilmer Co.
Josiah Holt, Clarke Co.
Craig Howell, Tift Co.
Randy Hudson, Irwin Co.
Bill Hutson, Union Co. 
Mark Israel, Dougherty Co. 
Sam Jackson, Clarke Co.
Robert Jenkins, Jenkins Co.
Billy Jones, Gilmer Co.
Allen Kennedy, Lowndes Co.
Thomas Kenny, Lowndes Co.
Dan King, Turner Co.
Raymond Lambert, Henry Co.
Eddie Lamon, Lowndes Co.
Jamie Lamon, Lowndes Co.
Wesley Langdale, Lowndes Co. 
Steve Lathan, Stephens Co.
Howard Lawson, Brooks Co.
Griffith Lee, Floyd Co.
Buddy Leger, Crisp Co.
James Leger, Crisp Co.
Larry Maney, Banks Co.
Thomas Mason, Houston Co.
Jake Matthews, Clarke Co.
Carla Mayes, Warren Co.
Conner Mayes, Warren Co.
Carter McDonald, Lowndes Co.
Marty McLendon, Calhoun Co.
Aaron McWhorter, Carroll Co.
Gary Minyard, Franklin Co.
Patrick Mobley, Colquitt Co. 
Preston Mobley, Colquitt Co.
Mark Mobley, Colquitt Co.
Lanis Moody, Lowndes Co.
Gordon Mooney, Thomas Co.
Jacob Mullis, Clarke Co.
Foster Olson, Columbia Co.
Abe Padgett, Franklin Co.
John Penland, Gilmer Co.
Jeff Penland, Towns Co.
David Penland, Towns Co.
Bobby Pettit, Gilmer Co.
Chairman Ray Prince, Grady Co. 
Barry Pritchett, Gilmer Co.
Marvin Pritchett, Gilmer Co.
John Raley, Glascock Co.
Robert Rawlins, Ben Hill Co.
Ben Reece, Gilmer Co.
John Reece, Gilmer Co.
Jordan Reece, Gilmer Co.
Ray Reece, Gilmer Co.
Jim Reed, Sumter Co.
Sammy Reese, Banks Co.
James Reid, Sumter Co.
Danny Reid, Forsyth Co.
Joe Roberson, Walker Co.
Randy Royston, Franklin Co.
Bill Russell, Fulton Co.
Billy Sanders, Dooly Co.
Frankei Sapp, Lowndes Co.
David Sanfratello, Clark Co.
Reid Sawyer, Bibb Co.
Brad Sims, Lowndes Co.
Steve Singletary, Early Co.
J. Bodine Sinyard, Doughterty Co.
Vince Stanley, Toombs Co.  
R.T. Stanley, Toombs Co.
Charles Stroud, Jr., Clarke Co.
James Emory Tate, Jeff Davis Co.
David Teague, Gilmer Co.
Jerry Teague, Gilmer Co.
Jerry Truelove, Hall Co.
Hugh Veal, Johnson Co.
Will Walters, Clarke Co.
John Ware, Warren Co.
Leon Watkins, Gilmer Co.
Auther Weaver, Gilmer Co.
Jimmy Webb, Calhoun Co.
Comm. Jerry Weldon, Taylor Co.
Brenda West, Gilmer Co. 
Caleb West, Gilmer Co. 
Christi West, Gilmer Co. 
Sam West, Gilmer Co. 
Fred Wetherington, Lowndes Co.
Brian Whitaker, Jefferson Co.
James Whiten, Stephens Co.
Steve Whitmire, Union Co.
Brannon Wilkinson, Franklin Co.
Chairman John Wilkinson, Stephens Co. 
Mark Wilkinson, Stephens Co.
Vann Wooten, Jeff Davis Co.
Frank Wright, Gilmer Co.
Greg Wright, Gilmer Co.
H.G. Yeomans, Emanuel Co.