As governor, I will lead on tax and regulatory reform. My first initiative as Governor will be to establish an economic development liaison that will work with companies large and small to streamline the permitting process for companies to get up and going quickly and create jobs.

We will cut taxes by $100 million in the first 100 days of my administration. We will achieve this by increasing the personal exemption so, for a family of four, the first $12,000 of income will be tax exempt. In addition, we will increase the standard deduction. We will also tie both the personal exemption and the standard deduction to inflation to protect every Georgian against surprise increases that rob families at tax season.

As governor, I will lead on jobs and will implement a three-part plan to create 500,000 new jobs in my first term. I will work with Georgia companies to ensure they have the tools they need to grow and expand. I will travel near and far to recruit new companies to Georgia from across the country and the world. And we will create an environment and recruit the capital to make Georgia the best place to start a new business—we will make Georgia the Silicon Valley of the South.

As governor, I will lead on infrastructure. Georgia has had plenty of wake-up calls: collapsing bridges, buckling highways, and rural communities without high-speed connections for businesses and homes.
I will implement a ten-year strategic infrastructure plan that identifies new corridors and infrastructure needs to achieve economic growth for Georgia.

We will be committed to utilizing our assets in a more efficient way, which means more reversible lane projects in the state of Georgia. And we must be willing to build “over” and to dig “under” if that is what is required. We will create a rural broadband initiative that will expand access to high-speed internet. And I will be a governor committed to ensuring that our rural hospitals are sustainable and will create a network across the state that allows patients access to the care they need.

As governor, I will continue to lead on developing a world-class education system. My most important mission as governor will be to ensure that Georgia has a workforce that is second to none. That begins by guaranteeing every child receives an education that allows them to compete and excel in the 21st Century economy.

As governor, I will continue to focus on primary education, specifically targeting third grade reading. Children of that age must learn to read so that they learn as they progress through school. To accomplish that, we will implement greater technology at the primary school level to quickly diagnose and help kids with reading.

I will also continue to expand three-year high school apprenticeship programs throughout the state, where education is being aligned with industry needs. Along with this, we will continue my “Move on When Ready” program and our dual enrollment programs in which students at the high school level are able to affordably earn college credits.

As governor, I will lead the fight to cut wasteful spending by maintaining a balanced budget, without raising taxes. This takes some belt tightening on the part of the government. However, if Georgia families can sit at the kitchen table and balance their checkbooks, then we should expect our state government to do the same.

As our economy continues to improve, there will be those who want to create new programs without careful thought. The better choice is to be wise, prudent, and careful with taxpayer funds, ensuring our state rebuilds its rainy-day fund and continues to reduce the tax burden on our citizens.

As Governor, I will lead the protection of our right to keep and bear arms. I earned an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association by standing against those who would strip our Constitutional rights, and will continue to do so as Governor. I will always protect our hunting heritage and maintain that law-abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families from those who wish to do harm.

As Governor, I will lead in protecting the sanctity of life from conception forward. There is no task of government more important than defending innocent life and I am committed to giving the most vulnerable in our society the full protection of the law. We will continue to establish a culture of life in Georgia through pro-life policies that safeguard the unborn, infirm, and elderly. Last year I was honored to receive the Georgia Life Alliance "Champion for Life" award.