Growing Jobs

Government cannot create jobs, but it can help create the kind of environment that jobs need to flourish.   First and foremost, this means keeping taxes on business that create jobs low and ensuring that we do not overburden our business environment with counterproductive regulations that have been such a problem in other, more liberal states.

Since his election, Lt. Governor Cagle has worked ceaselessly to create this kind of environment in Georgia, helping to recruit several major employers to our state.   Additionally, his dedication to helping small businesses grow continues to offer hope and options to the job creators of tomorrow in Georgia.

In addition to keeping taxes and regulation under control, we must also provide the basic infrastructure that employers need in order to come to Georgia.   This includes a strong education system, good roads, and investing in deepening the Savannah harbor so that large cargo vessels can reach our factories and consumers.

As we move forward, we must always remember to keep our economic development policies balanced, so they support every sector of our economy, from family farms in rural Georgia to small businesses across our state and corporate employers in major cities.

Educating Kids

Georgia’s children are our state’s future, and it is critical that we invest wisely in helping them have brighter futures here.

As a child who grew up with a single mother who worked two jobs to provide a better chance for her kids, Casey Cagle understands the difference a good public school education can make.   And, as a leader in our state, he believes in the importance of giving every parent and child a chance to use the option that is best for them, whether that is public school, private school or home schooling.

Since his election, Cagle has passed landmark legislation to create charter systems that allow entire school systems to bypass counterproductive regulations in return for meeting and keeping a commitment to excellence.   Additionally, he has worked successfully to create College and Career Academies across Georgia so that kids who want to learn a skilled trade or get a professional certification in high school can have a chance to start earning a good living when they graduate.

This year, the Senate passed a budget that restores a large portion of education funds that were reduced during the economic downturn.   This is part of a continued effort to adequately fund public education and give our teachers the resources they need to keep building a better tomorrow for Georgia kids.

Reducing Taxes

Businesses and families flourish when government provides only what our citizens truly need, keeping our tax burden low.    Georgia ranks as one of the lowest taxing states in the country, but we must continue to fight to keep taxes low.

In recent years, the State Senate, under Casey Cagle’s leadership, has passed groundbreaking legislation to lower our overall tax burden, eliminate the marriage penalty, and scrap the death tax.   At the local level, numerous steps have been taken to require local governments to fairly assess property so that homeowners are not treated unfairly.

However, there is more work to be done.    Lt. Governor Cagle has pledged to continue the fight for fairer, simpler taxes, and will fight for broad reform of Georgia’s tax laws in the future.

Cutting Waste

Georgia’s Constitution requires a balanced budget, and our citizens should be proud that we have weathered the recent economic downturn without raising taxes.   This has taken some belt tightening on the part of government.   However, if Georgia families can sit at the kitchen table and balance their checkbooks, then we should expect our state government to do the same.

Lt. Governor Cagle has led the way by creating new avenues for citizens to report government waste, and fighting to eliminate unneeded programs from the state budget.   This hard work has resulted in Georgia government running leaner than ever, and is why our state is one of only a handful that enjoys a top credit rating.

Moving forward, we must remain vigilant in the fight against government waste.   As our economy improves, there will be those who want to create new programs without careful thought.   The better choice is to be wise, prudent and careful with taxpayer funds, ensuring our state rebuilds its rainy day fund and continues to reduce the tax burden on our citizens.

Second Amendment

Our right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in both the federal and state Constitutions, and it is a bedrock of the liberty we enjoy as Americans.

Since Lt. Governor Cagle’s election, the Republican majority has comprehensively re-written Georgia’s firearms laws to expand the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families.   Additionally, his continued support of access to outdoor recreation opportunities has helped ensured future generations of Georgians will enjoy hunting, shooting, fishing and other outdoor activities their parents and grandparents cherish.   He has also been a vocal supporter of relocating gun manufacturers to Georgia and away from liberal states, creating jobs for our citizens here.

Our state will continue to be eyed carefully by liberal national groups who want to limit our ability to exercise our freedoms.   For this reason, we must never stop being vigilant against attempts to restrict our liberties.

Protecting Life

No task of government is more important than protecting innocent life.  From his first election through the present, Casey Cagle has never waivered in his dedication to stopping threats against the most vulnerable members of our society.

Lt. Governor Cagle is 100% pro-life, and deeply believes that every child is a gift from God who deserves the full protection of our laws, from conception forward.   He has acted on this commitment by helping pass numerous pieces of pro-life legislation.

Casey Cagle also believes we must protect all members of our society with strong law enforcement, tough criminal laws and a specific focus on preventing our senior citizens from being victims of fraud.