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On October 11, Lt. Governor Cagle’s campaign launched its first statewide television ad of the reelection campaign! Please take a moment to watch the video below, and help spread the word by forwarding the ad to your friends and family!

Ad Script
Casey Cagle: “This is our future.  Whether she’s your grandchild, your child, or the precious little one you hope to have.  Children are our priority.  That’s why we refused to balance the budget on the backs of our children.  Protected educational funding critical to personal learning pathways.  Promoted flexibility for parents and teachers in schools.  And launched innovative ideas that recognize one size does not fit all.  Because Georgia’s future depends on the success of every child.”

Ad Facts
Fact: Children are our priority.
After taking office in 2007, Lt. Governor Cagle ensured his first legislative initiative, the Charter Systems Act (SB 39), was passed and implemented. Since then, Lt. Governor Cagle has spent countless hours promoting Georgia’s Charter Schools.

In the past four years, Lt. Governor Cagle has put a priority on education, exemplified in his legislative and budgetary leadership. In fact, the total percentage of K-12 education on the budget has increased since 1999, when $0.39 of every state dollar was spent on education. Presently, $0.40 of every taxpayer dollar is invested in K-12 education, and the number rises to $0.58 of every dollar when all education funding is accounted for (Department of Early Care and Learning, Department of Education, Board of Regents, Technical College System of Georgia, and Georgia Student Finance Commission/Hope).

Fact: We refused to balance the budget on the backs of our children.
Passed House Bill 908 in 2010 session to remove expenditure controls, empowering local schools boards to decide how to spend funds received from the state and providing them the maximum flexibility to adapt to a difficult budget environment without impacting classroom instruction.

Preserved instructional time by maintaining 180 day school year.

Restored funding for school nurses in the state’s 2010 budget, relieving teachers of the need to be both educators and healthcare providers for students.

Restored funding for Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA). In addition to providing important professional development services, RESAs help local school systems and colleges meet educational needs through sharing resources across system lines in research and planning, staff development, curriculum and instruction, assessment and evaluation, technology, health, and school improvement.

Fact: Promoted educational funding critical to personal learning pathways.
Invested $54 million in communities across Georgia that has grown Career Academies from five in 2007 to 21 today, with six additional Career Academies currently in the process of being formed.

Recognizing the real world value of their education, children enrolled in Career Academies and participate in dual-enrollment programs experience 98% graduation rates and 100% job or post-secondary placement rates. As an example, two years ago Floyd County High Schools overall graduation rate was 78%. In 2010, following the opening of their Career Academy, overall graduation rates have increased to 81%. As another example, students attending Rockdale Career Academy perform better than their peers on Georgia High School Graduation Test. Click here to read an June 2010 AJC story on the successes of career academies in Georgia

Partnered with Technical College System of GA, the Georgia Department of Education, and the Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies to establish the nation’s first statewide “GA Ford PAS Hub” to provide professional development for teachers with hands-on relevant 21st century curriculum developed by Ford Motor Company Fund. Lt. Governor has personally raised $85,000 from private donations to support that effort.

Established Georgia Career Academy Network (GA CAN) in 2008 with an advisory board consisting of career academy CEOs, representatives from the technical college system, Georgia Department of Education, and community leaders to provide oversight and best practices for Career Academies as well as financial support. GA CAN Provides professional development and support for Career Academies. Click here to read the latest GA CAN newsletter.

Fact: Promoted flexibility for parents and teachers in schools.
Charter Systems are complete school systems that have decoupled from the state board of education to pursue the maximum local control and flexibility. Since Lt. Governor Cagle took office in 2007, the number of Charter Systems in Georgia has grown from zero to eight. Additionally, there are 13 school systems that have submitted letters of intent to the Georgia Department of Education, taking steps toward moving to the charter school system model. Click here to read a brief on Charter Schools the Lt. Governor submitted to the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association

In 2006-2007, Georgia had 59 charter schools. Today, there are 170 charter schools. 61 are charter system schools and 109 are startup charter schools or Career Academies.

In the metro Atlanta area, the only two school systems in which all schools made 2009-2010 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) were charter systems: Marietta City Schools and City Schools of Decatur.

For his efforts to promote flexibility for parents and teachers in schools, Lt. Governor Cagle was one of four public servants nationwide to be honored with the 2007 Champions for Charters Award by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. This award is given each year to policymakers who do the most to advance the cause of charter schools. Included among fellow recipients are U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

Working with Charter Advisory Committee over past three years, the Lt. Governor has held at least five training sessions annually to assist school systems in understanding the charter systems act as well as best practices to develop a Career Academy.

Fact: Launched innovative ideas that recognize one size does not fit all.
The Charter Systems Act now allows local boards of education to contract with the State Board of Education to become a Charter School System. A Charter System provides the opportunity for teachers, administrators, parents, and school boards to have greater flexibility to determine the educational needs of students within their district. A Charter System creates:

  • A streamlined mechanism for innovative, system-wide reform;
  • A catalyst for parental and community involvement;
  • Flexible and innovative curriculum design;
  • Focus on student achievement, accountability and outcomes;
  • Exemption from many state mandates;
  • Expanded local autonomy;
  • The ability to prioritize resources based on student and local needs; and
  • Local school flexibility to meet the challenge of teacher quality, retention, and recruiting.

Click here to read more about Charter Systems and the formation process.

Started the Lt. Governor’s annual Innovation in Education Conference in 2009 with the intention of “Creating Powerful Partnerships to Prepare the Emerging Workforce.” The conference is in conjunction with Georgia Skills USA state conference and competition to promote students who compete in Skills USA and bring together community leaders in support of career and technical education. Click here to learn more about this year’s conference. Click here to learn about the 2010 Innovation in Education Conference. Click here to learn about the 2009 conference.

The Lt. Governor is a member of the Georgia Energy and Industrial Construction Consortium (GEICC), an industry-led organization for all workforce development needs in Georgia. He is partnering with the GEICC to develop Georgia’s first energy academy to be located at the Lanier College and Career Academy.

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Husband, father of three, and Georgia's first Republican Lieutenant Governor

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